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Modernize Accounts Payable with Intelligent Automation

With onePAY, you can realize the benefits of a modern approach to accounts payable.

End the AP madness!

Modern operations and finance leaders face many complex challenges.

That’s why we focused on developing a simple, cost-effective solution that’s easy to implement and works at every level of your organization.

Within 60 days, onePAY can turn your accounts payable department into a strategic advantage and scalable resource.

It’s truly time to reduce unnecessary and costly AP work.

See real examples of the companies we help.

The numbers don’t lie…

AP automation will reduce your cost per invoice and improve your bottom line. Don’t be negligent!

AP Automation Reduces Invoice Processing Costs

Efficiency for 2020 & beyond

onePAY evolves the legacy invoice processing and payments model by reimaging the end-to-end accounts payable workflow.

Legacy Invoice Processing for 1,000 Invoices

100 Hours
Invoice Processing Manual Workflow
Accounts Paybable Manual Workflow

onePAY Intelligent AP Automation for 1,000 Invoices

10 Hours
Electronic Invoicing
Invoice Processing

Accounts payable automation – tailored

We configure onePAY the way you need it with our flexible business-rules engine, then layer in automation and machine learning to ensure your AP process is as streamlined and effective as possible.

From invoice processing to payments, let onePAY automatically handle all those tedious AP tasks so your talent can focus on value-added, operational objectives.

The digital transformation of our AP process has been entirely successful with onePAY.

The return on investment has been a clear win for our organization.”

Controller, JEM Restaurant Group

Everything you need to modernize your AP process & workflow.

Electronic storage reduces reliance on tribal knowledge.

Data capture engine improves invoice intake and processing.

AI and Machine Learning help find workflow efficiencies.

Business-rules engine routes invoices to the right person – every time.

Automatic approvals and payments eliminate manual work.

Continuous Improvement

We know implementing new technology amongst competing priorities can be a scary thought, and we want you to get the most out of onePAY.

That’s why our US-based support team ensures our customers realize continuous ROI.

From monitoring data capture rates to implementing best practices to performing productivity analysis, our team is there with you every step of the way.

“From implementation through the first 60 days, our team of experts at OneDataSource is focused on building trust and confidence. We view ourselves as a long-term, consultative partner that can help you run lean and grow. Beyond that, you’ll have access to a community of customers that love to collaborate and share best practices.”

OneDataSource President Bruce Belvin

We proudly support over 5,000 stores across 30 brands.

"OneDataSource is unique in its depth and its ability to be very customized. They are a combination of great service providers, experienced restaurant operators, smart software developers and sincere partners.”

Warren Nelson

President, JEM Restaurant Group

onePAY delivers the operational efficiencies, cost savings and expense management visibility you deserve.