Success Story: MUY! Companies

From 30 stores to $1 billion in revenue, learn how MUY used automation to help fuel their growth.

MUY! Companies is a 770 store, multi-brand franchisee. They are one of the largest private restaurant employers in the United States.

The accounts payable (AP) group was targeted for improvement. It included nine full-time employees (FTEs) who were manually processing, approving, paying and storing over 135,000 invoices per year at a cost of $5.50 per invoice.

With onePAY, MUY! was able to:

  • Reduce their cost per invoice to $2.00
  • Reduce FTE headcount
  • Realize annual savings of $472,000

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Helping MUY! scale from 30 stores to 770 stores.

Learn how onePAY played an integral role in allowing MUY! to keep G&A expenses down, while scaling to $1 billion in revenue.

We proudly automate accounts payable for the top brands across the country.